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In these days and times, it is hard to find qualified personal in the precast field! Let us help you by training new and existing employees to fill the roles you need!

Stephen Rodgers

Stephen Rodgers has been the senior executive with several different precast and concrete companies in his 48 + years’ career. His proven track record with these companies, most have been start-ups or in the early years of formation, turning them into market leaders, several with profitable buyouts. This track record of success started in 1973 with Valley Blox (name change to Americast). Mr. Rodgers was brought on board as Precast Manager to this small precast division of a block company and turning it into a $16 million dollar a year operation by 1989. (By today's standard, $40 million) In that was promoted to Vice President of Operation for Valley Blox Successful buy-out of company, lead to all top-level executives to be released. 1989 thru 1991 was Vice President of Operations with Virginia Precast Corporation, for $25 million dollar a year precast concrete company, (By today's standard, $60 Million) helped to increase production and sales. Successful buy-out of company, lead to all top-level executives to be released. 1991 thru 1992 Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Valley Concrete Products, build this company up very fast. In one year, sold the company to a larger competitor, with six year non-compete agreement. 1993 thru 1999 Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Innovative Concrete Products. This profitable company focus was in shotcrete repair of highway bridges, mobile mix concrete and flat pour concrete. He was bought out by one of the partners after his six year non-compete agreement was up. 1997 to Dec. 2013, Contractors Precast Corporation, General Manager, this was a startup precast concrete company in Maryland. Grew this company to over $17 million in sales and even after the recession was able to maintain 65% / 70% of its sales volume. Company was sold. June 2014 to December 2021, Vice President of Operations, Winchester Precast. He was brought on board to turn this business around. After years of bad management and poor quality, the company was hemorrhaging cash and most customers had moved on. Grew to approximately $8.5 million in sales from basically a bankrupt company. This is an active company, so cannot give exact financial numbers, but Mr. Rodgers turned this company completely around in terms of quality of products and sales. Percent profit was one of his highest to date! The company was sold, did not choose to go with new company. Mr. Rodgers certainly has a long and unbeaten record of growing precast concrete businesses.

Patrick Rodgers

Patrick Rodgers also, has a long history of success in sales and marketing in his 39 years in the concrete industry. Started when he was 15 years old working after school and summers in a precast plant which continued until he graduated from college. Most of his sales career has been in startup ventures, developing market share from scratch. Always being innovative and forward thinking, taking the leap when most people would not, in building a company. Started his first company in 1993, when 22 years old, with no money and customers. In two years grew the company to having booked work in advance. Solo doing marketing, sales, and production. In 1995 went to work for Innovative Concrete Products, being utilized in a variety of capacities, managing crews, doing sale calls and trade shows. Again, in 1997, at age 27 started his second company, Ol' South Construction. This time his responsibilities where more on marketing, sales and management. The company focus was on concrete from flat pour to poured in place storm structures, along with storm and sewer structure installation. Finished with two crews, before being offered a nice position with Contractors Precast Corporation in 2000 (left in April 2014), finished as Sales and Marketing Director. Started as a sales representative with a virgin territory. Which had growth every year until the recession, turning it into a multimillion dollar a year territory. Lost 50% in sales revenue during the first years of the recession, due to high loss of customers. Basically, started from scratch again, and turn it back into a successful territory. Her had several of the top 10 customers for the company. In June 2014 (left Dec 2021) became General Manager of Winchester Precast. Helped in turning this company around to an 8.5 million and growing company in 7 years (Had to use profits to grow this company, no money the first couple of years). First, being heavily involved with production and building production systems of each product area and implementing strong Quality Control procedures, especially in the first 2 years very hands on in the plant. Second, from day one, worked on increasing sales in all the product lines and launching several new product lines. Responsible for the quoting and sales force for the company. And third, marketing and promoting Winchester Precast products from website, online marketing, to putting on seminars to specifiers and customers. The company was sold, did not choose to go with new company. Mr. Rodgers has been very successful in his career with sales and marketing in the precast industry, few have his track record. But on top of that, he has a deep knowledge of plant production and operations.

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